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Pipe Penetration Seals
F2HR Firestop

The Pipeseal F-2HR provides a superior method for making a firestop penetration seal. With the F-2HR, you get a UL classified firestop seal with a two hour F-rating. The systems include metallic and PVC piping and copper tubing through concrete walls. The holes can be either core drilled or use pipe sleeves. (See systems C-AJ-1423, C-AJ-1424, and C-AJ-2369) You must determine which model and how many links will be needed for your penetration. Assistance can be provided, or the sizing program below can be used.

Type & Materials

F-2HR GRAPHITE IMPREGNATED EPDM All Plated Steel Steel zinc dichoromate Fire rated, UL 2 hours Rated as a firestop material for pipe and conduit penetrations. Rated for 2 hours. (-40 to +250 deg F for normal operations.)

Models & Dimensional Information

Pipeseal Size Free State
Thickness (in)
Expanded State
Thickness (in)
Chord Length
PS-200 0.50 0.62 1.125
PS-275 0.62 0.78 0.910
PS-300 0.71 0.88 1.51
PS-315 0.82 1.03 1.47
PS-325 0.94 1.18 3.1
PS-400 1.43 1.81 3.625
PS-425 1.13 1.45 3.625
PS-475 1.62 1.90 2.625
PS-500 2.37 2.81 3.86
PS-525 2.18 2.5 3.86
PS-575 1.18 2.35 3.1
PS-600 3.20 4.0 6.0
1. Wrap the belt
around the pipe.
Then connect
the first and last
2. Slide the
assembly into
the space
between the pipe and wall
3. Gradually
and sequentially
tighten the bolts.
Tighten each
bolt 2-3 turns
making 5 to 9
passes com-
pletely around
the pipe.

Information and Specifications courtesy of  www.flexicraft.com