Polytetraflouroethylene (PTFE) is an engineered flouropolymer commonly known by Dupont's trade name "Teflon". Outstanding resistance to chemicals is one of it's primary attributes and it is routinely rated as "excellent" for fluid/media compatibility in our chemical resistance charts. The primary markets served by Hydro-Flex Hose (Western) Limited are commercial chemical products , petrochemical, pulp and paper, petroleum equipment, heavy equipment, compressed gas, refrigeration and dozens of other niche markets. Hydro-Flex hoses can be fitted with many different styles of end fittings using various types of material. Contact us with your specific requirements.

Industrial Smooth Bore Teflon Hose - Medium Pressure - click for specs

This hose is ideal for use with compressed gases, fuel and lubricant handling, steam transfer, and hydraulic systems, with temperatures ranging from -65°F to 450°F (-54°C to 232°C).

Industrial Smooth Bore Teflon Hose - High Pressure - click for specs

The ultimate transfer hose for a variety of high pressure applications including R.I.M. reaction injection molding machines, industrial gases, hydraulic service with phosphate ester fluids, compressed natural gas, and transfer of automotive sealants.
Special Purpose Teflon Hose
Hydro-Flex Hose (Western) Limited supplies a wide selection of special purpose hoses designed for use as industrial chlorine/bromine transfer hoses, steam safe hoses, and B.O.P. blowout prevention hoses.

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