Corrugated metal hose allows for the transfer of a wide range of fluids, gases, and bulk products, usually at high pressure and high or cryogenic temperature while remaining flexible and able to dampen vibration. Metal hose products fabricated by Hydro-Flex Hose (Western) Limited are used extensively in factories such as steel mills, chemical and petrochemical plants, oil sands plants, pulp and paper mills, power plants, water and wastewater facilities.

Medium Pressure Metal Hose - click for specs

Series 300 hose has an annular construction of type 304, 321, or 316L stainless steel and is our most popular and best selling hose. This is an excellent choice for the vast majority of applications and service temperatures ranging from cryogenic to 1500°F and pressures ranging from full vacuum to 3125 PSI.

High Pressure Metal Hose - click for specs

Series 800 hose has a greater wall thickness and uses a heavier braid in order to reach higher working pressures than the 300 series hose. Operating conditions; cryogenic to 1500°F and pressure ranging from full vacuum to 3250 PSI. It is available in type 321 stainless steel with type 304 S.S. wire braid. Other materials available upon request.

Wire Braid - click for specs

Metal wire braid on a hose assembly provides the hose assembly with a higher pressure capability by acting as a restraint against hose elongation and acts to dampen vibration. Braid is available in T304 stainless steel or Bronze Braid. Other material available upon request.

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