Expansion Joints are designed for tough, demanding industrial applications, as found in: chemical/petrochemical plants, industrial process piping systems, marine services, power generation plants, steel mills, water/wastewater and pollution control systems. Installed next to mechanical equipment or between the anchor points of a piping system an expansion joint will: absorb pipe movement/stress, reduce system noise, isolate mechanical vibration, compensate alignment/offset, eliminate electrolysis, and protect against start-up surge forces.

When selecting an expansion joint, these important factors should be considered:

  • Pipe or line size
  • Maximum working pressure
  • Maximum Temperature
  • Type of movement (axial, lateral, angular, or a combination of movements)
  • Amount of movement
  • Rate of media flow or velocity through the expansion joint
  • Type of media flowing through the expansion joint (steam, water, corrosives, etc.)
  • Type of end fittings (flanges, weld ends, or special fittings.)
  • Extreme service conditions (vibration, large amounts of motion in more then one plane, etc.)

Rubber Expansion Joints - click for specs

Comes in a variety of different compounds, which include Butyl, Neoprene, Nitrile, Hypalon, Natural, EPDM, Viton, and FEP. Joints can be supplied with single, double or triple arch configurations depending on service conditions. Limit rods and control rods are also available upon request.

Metal Expansion Joints - click for details

Available in high corrosion to low corrosion stainless steel. The standard bellows material is T321 stainless steel. Expansion joint designs include single and multi-ply bellows type, tied universal, multi-ply exhaust bellows, and externally pressurized.

Teflon Expansion Joints

Designed primarily for chemical services, the inexpensive cost and short face-to-face lengths make this product universal in application. Bellows of PTFE material provide tremendous flex life and unmatched reliability.

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